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ICON Health & Fitness NordicTrack GRT 950
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NordicTrack GRT 950
ICON Health & Fitness

Two heavy-duty systems feed off one 200-lb. stack.

The NordicTrack GRT 950 Strength System is two powerful systems that feed off one 200-lb. cast-iron stack. The first station is a complete home gym, featuring eight stations like the bench press, leg developer and lat tower. You can also perform military presses, rows and low-pulley exercises. Converging Arm technology expands your range of motion and grip options. The second system is a full-blown squat station (parallel to the bench system). No need to reconfigure your system set up when switching to the squat system just step in and start churning out hack squats reps or toe raises. Features extra-comfortable molded seats contoured to fit your body.
Product Details:

Industrial Strength Construction:
The GRT 950 frame is constructed of industrial strength 11-guage steel.

Press/Butterfly Converging Axis Arms:
This technology allows the press/butterfly arms to move in a wider range of motion, targeting more muscles and optimizing your workouts.

Weight Stack:
The 200-lb. cast-iron stack includes a safety weight shroud for safety.

High Pulley with Lat Bar:
Develop and tone the numerous muscles of your back, shoulders and triceps using the lat bar and other high-pulley exercises.

Low Pulley/Ab Pulley/Row:
The low pulley provides even greater versatility. You can target inner thighs, outer thighs, biceps and more. Ab pulley and row exercises target abdominals.

Military Press:
Develop the muscles in your shoulders, arms and back involved in the upright military-style press.

Leg Developer:
The padded leg developer is designed to build strength and stamina in both the hams and the quads for a more complete, balanced workout.

Squat System:
The GRT 950 combo offers the added benefit of hack squat and toe raise stations for leg and back strengthening.

The NordicTrack Warranty:
The NordicTrack strength system warranty covers parts and labor charges for one year. For further coverage, extended warranties are also available.

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